Musician Ami Dang chats with womxn, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and/or genderqueer music producers and composers to explore how identity and politics are interwoven within our music practice, the tools and technology that we use, and how we share our work. Through open and honest conversations from one artist to another, That Dang Show reveals how these musicians sit at the helm of the future, their identities, and their work. 

GRL PWR, a Baltimore-based collective run by Amy Reid and Pangelica, creates platforms for women and LGBTQ identifying people and elevates visibility for underrepresented artists and talent. GRL PWR collaborates with installation, projection and performance artists, transforming environments as a way to grapple with the lack of queer spaces in Baltimore. In this episode, Ami chats with Amy Reid and Pangelica, the artists behind GRL PWR, about creating inclusive space, dismantling white male supremacy, and the dissonance between institutions and artists.

Pangelica is a songwriter and music producer with a background in classical viola. While her composition process began with arranging classical works for viola and string quartets, she exchanged pencil and staff paper for creating music with a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), Virtual Studio Technologies (VSTs) and synthesizers. This shift of mediums is what eventually gave birth to the hyper-romantic synthpop sound of Pangelica. Amy Reid is a queer electronic musician, producer, sound, visual artist and curator striving to transform spaces sonically, socially, and visually. Inspired by her experiences as a musician, visual and community artist, her lifelong goal is to explore the environments in which all three worlds intersect.

“There’s an opportunity for evolution in every single moment.” In Episode 3, Ami Dang chats with Low Leaf (aka Angelica Lopez), Filipino-American Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer and producer. Her music combines an array of genres using the harp, piano, guitar, and her experimental nature, to create a unique sound that exists in a spectrum of its own. She is also a prolific painter, illustrator, yoga practitioner and advocate for sustainability and plant medicine. Low Leaf ultimately seeks to be an instrument of love, in hopes of reawakening the world to their divine heritage and purpose, so that humanity can live in harmony with mother earth. Check out her work at This episode is supported by Everyseeker Festival.


In Episode 2, Ami Dang chats with Victoria Cheong, a Toronto-based artist working in music, video and performance. She produces and performs electronic music as New Chance. Her other musical projects include a collaboration with reggae legend Willi Williams, and the musical duo Nice Hands with dancer-poet Aisha Sasha John. New Chance’s latest EP Hardly Working was released on her own imprint AND/AND in 2019. Check out her work at This podcast is supported by EVERYSEEKER as part of their digital, distance-oriented 2020 festival. 



In Episode 1, Ami Dang chats with OSE | ओस aka Arushi Jain, a San Francisco based pioneering sound architect and modular synthesist. Growing up in Delhi, she brings out the vibrancy of hindustani classical music in modern electronic movements by composing electronic music heavily inspired by Indian classical music. 

OSE discusses overcoming cultural dissonance in her music practice, the definition of raag, and creating new work while in quarantine. Links to OSE's work: 

This podcast is supported by EVERYSEEKER as part of their digital, distance-oriented 2020 festival.